What is animal welfare?

With regards to how animals are kept (as pets, in zoos, farms, circuses, etc.), how they are slaughtered for food, how they are used in scientific research, how they are treated (as pets, in zoos, etc.), and how human activities affect their welfare and survival, respect for animal welfare is based on the idea that animals are sentient and consideration should be given to their well-being or suffering.

The possible effects of increased food production on wildlife, along with shrinking natural habitats as land is used for crop or animal farming, and the culling of predators or wildlife that may consume crops or compete with farmed animals for resources, are further concerns for animal welfare.

Animal Welfare Protection

The Five Animal Welfare Freedoms

The emotional and physical well-being of an animal are both considered. According to the OHS, a healthy animal includes both physical fitness and a sense of wellbeing. All animals must be guaranteed the following five fundamental liberties, and any animal held by humans must at the very least be shielded from needless suffering:

1) Freedom from Hunger and Thirst Through easy access to clean drinking water and a diet that promotes overall wellness and vitality.

2) Freedom from Discomfort By offering a suitable setting that includes shelter and a relaxing resting place.

3) Freedom from Pain, Injury, or Disease Through early diagnosis and treatment or prevention.

4) Freedom to Express Normal Behavior By giving the animal enough room, suitable amenities, and company of its own kind.

5) Freedom from Fear and Distress By making sure that people receive care that prevents mental suffering.

How To Enhance Animal Welfare?

Carita World Foundation stands in solidarity with Animal Welfare nonprofit organizations and aims to help with donations. Animal Welfare nonprofit organizations do not believe in breed discrimination and rescue as many animals they can who are left behind by their owners due to separation, financial crisis or minor accidents. 

By making a donation to Carita World Foundation, you’re addressing a variety of Animal Welfare nonprofit organizations helping abandoned and injured animals.  

These organizations provide shelters where veterinarians are available to treat wounded & sick animals and then set them up for adoption to provide these animals with a safe and a loving environment where they can stay happy.  Please donate to help Animal Welfare nonprofit organizations continuing their long-term initiatives.