The environmental changes is causing a threat to all of humanity. Even though the world has started fighting the climatic changes, our global response to it is very slow. The best way to help fight climatic change is to donate money to organisations for climatic change donation, who are working towards these goals. There are some high impact and evidence based organisations that are doing some promising work in bringing to light these environmental challenges and how we can help curb them. Some of these organisations work towards funnelling money to projects in countries like China, India, Indonesia and Korea, rather than countries like United States, hence helping you supercharge your impact. Given below are a few organisations having an exceptionally positive impact on the climate that you can donate to for climate change donation.

  1. Carita World Foundation: Carita World Foundation addresses a variety of climatic issues and focuses on conservation, maintenance and preservation of the environment. Carita World Foundation seeks to reduce excessive consumption of environmental resources. It can be done by reducing pollutants. This organisation works towards educating the general public about the environmental issues and the potential remedies to curb these issues. This is one of the top charities that can support your cause for climate change donation.
  2. Clean Air Task Force: This non government organisation working to reduce air pollution. Clean air task force has led campaigns to reduce the pollution caused by power plants driven by coal, helped to limit the carbon dioxide emissions in the US power sector and established regulations on diesel and methane emissions. This organisation focuses on concentrating on targeting the sources of emission that are neglected by other environmental organisations. CATF works on scaling up deployment of technologies that are important for decarbonisation. CATF is not just working in Latin America, Europe and Middle East, but also developing strategies for countries like India and China, which are one of the world’s largest emitters.
  3. Carbon 180: Carbon 180 is a non profit environmental organisation serving a simple goal, which is accelerating the development of technologies that would remove carbon dioxide or negative emissions out of the atmosphere and lock them way for undreds of years. Carbon removal is necessary to keep our Earth habitable.
  4. Evergreen Collaborative: This advocacy group includes the top scientists and policy makers in the world who are working towards better climatic policies. It focuses pairing policy products with advocacy tactics to build awareness, support and momentum to tackle the climatic crisis and to build a just and thriving energy economy.
  5. TerraPraxis: This organisation is based in UK and aims to find innovative ways to meet the growing energy needs of the world. TerraPraxis focuses on advanced nuclear power, which is a clean energy source that has been scaled up to decarbonise the electricity systems in countries like Sweden. Nuclear power can be a powerful tool to help the developing countries meet all their energy needs.
  6. Future Cleantech Architects: Future Cleantech Architects is based in Germany and is a fairly new organisation. The main aim of this organisation is to promote innovation in the sectors of Europe that are hard to decarbonise. They do so by running programs like zero carbon fuels and using carbon removal technologies.
  7. Good Energy Collective: This organisation helps to broaden support for advanced nuclear power, which is very much neglected in the climatic funding landscape. There is a need of a lot of clean energy sources low carbon advanced nuclear reactors, which are a cheaper and safer form of renewable energy.
  8. Good Food Institute: This organization makes alternative protein sources which help reduce livestock consumption. Raising animals for meat consumption is responsible for a huge percentage of global emissions. Apart from emitting methane, humans tend to deforest land for the animals to graze on. Good Food Institute engages in scientific research and industry partnerships that helps the alternative proteins going mainstream.
  9. Greenpeace:  Greenpeace is a globally recognised organisation that investigates and exposes the major cause of environmental destruction in about forty countries around the world. They use methods like lobbying and promoting the use of renewable sources of energy.
  10. Earth Justice: Earth Justice is a non profit environmental law organisation which is focused on protecting the wildlife and combating climatic changes. This organisation has more than 170 lawyers who litigate environmentally focused cases for free. It has been integral to passing of many environmental laws in the United States of America.
  11. Rainforest Alliance: Rainforest Alliance works with farmers and forest communities to improve land management practices and to train farmers to use agriculture methods that are climate smart. They have innovative programmes to help consumers make smart decisions while food shopping. They do so by putting a certification sale on products that are sustainably sourced.